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Our academy offers many different programs for physical fitness and instructions in Karate.

Orgins of KA·RA·TE

It is generally believed that the art of Karate-Do can be traced back to sixth century China when a sect of Buddhism composed a sutra or collection of precepts to promote the physical development of the monks and missionaries and to help protect them from bandits and criminals.
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In the ancient times there was no law prohibiting people from arming themselves. Weapons were standard in fighting, and most cultures have their own sword fighting system. Japan is renowned for its Samurai culture that was developed in the 18th century. In the later part of the 14th century under the ruler King Hassi of Chuzan of Okinawa, a policy was enacted prohibiting the people of Okinawa from arming themselves.

In the 16th century, Japan's most southern clan, the powerful Satsuma clan, invaded Okinawa. They colonized Okinawa for use as a trading post with China. They also levied taxes on their goods forcing the people of Okinawa to secretly develop the so-called " Te" (weaponless fighting) to defend themselves. The Okinawans also used their available farm tools for defense and developing fighting systems. These systems were referred to as "Te", meaning hands, techniques, and methods.

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